there is something quite mesmerising about this track by Sue Moo Palmer-Jones

I know I’m a bit quiet… But I’m trying very very hard to be super-tactful, though not succeeding very well. I’m afraid. Sorry John. I’ll just say this and no more… only 4 more years and we can sing this song at the tops of our voices like we used to back in the day…and it will really MEAN something! Enjoy your day :) xxxxx by Rosalind Anne Smith

Here we are Graham Barrow… This is what you made me think of. Wonderful stuff! by Rosalind Anne Smith

This one’s for Deena :) by Rosalind Anne Smith

Rosalind, Rachel, look what I’ve found!! Here is 20 mins worth of gorgeousness. by Sue Moo Palmer-Jones

wow, hadn’t seen this one in a while, stands up by Jason Ramsey

Seymour Duncan commercials are cool by Ian Jones

Morning coffee music by Jax Harrison

Enjoy! by Gerit Williams

Oh yes!…. (Thank you Sue Moo !) by Rosalind Anne Smith