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I was a little bit surprised that the report didn’t spend much time tackling the hardest issue, which is why do they need to have so much revenue? It’s because their cost structure is made for print. When you look at how much revenue comes from print and the scale of their operation because of print, the challenge that they’re facing moving forward is how do they move into a post-print world….

It just seems like if you’re reading a secret internal report for The New York Times, the things that people would be stressed about, isn’t that, oh, the website’s not good enough, or they haven’t moved fast enough with this feature or that feature, but more like how do we deal with this very different cost structure of our future business, compared to our past business.


— Finally getting to Felix Salmon’s really great Medium interview with Jonah Peretti. This point about the NYT innovation report was absolutely my reaction. That said, the problem is that the cost structure is both the most vital thing to address, and at the same time the one thing that never truly will.  (via markcoatney)

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Produced and featuring on slide the late great Johnny Winter. Been in the vinyl cupboard digging out his stuff and re-living Shepton Mallet 1970 where he played a stormer of a set. Maybe a bit too “rock” for me at his most extrovert, but, by gum, the man had soul when he wanted….. by Ian Shellard

…and now for something completely different…that I don’t think we have ever touched on in here. But be sure to watch the second part, or you really HAVE NOT LIVED!!…. by Rosalind Anne Smith


Both infuriating and in a way, hilarious. The crazy thing is that not only have many of us had equally bad (though different) experiences with Comcast, many of us with loud microphones have as well, like Ryan Block here. And yet, Comcast keeps growing and sucking up all in its path.

Comcast undoubtedly would say that’s because our incidents are isolated and people love Comcast. That, of course, is bullshit. It’s because there is little-to-no competition in the market. In many places, if you want television and/or internet, you need to sign up for Comcast. And Comcast buying Time Warner Cable is only going to make that worse. 

says it all - #losers no comment necessary for any UK dweller of a certain age by Tony Philpin

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I have been listening to some excellent driving music for a trip away this week, courtesy of a good friend. Wonderful funky stuff!…and my special favourite is their rendition of Summertime…though sadly this clip doesn’t include their sax player, who really shines on that track on their Swerve album. Look out for them. Street music at its best! by Rosalind Anne Smith