Hello there , Jamie here \u003C3 , Here is a Video of “Perfectly Clear” Please KOKUA by ordering your copy of Album/CD (link below) Your pledge allows “exclusives” for pledgers only and a portion of the monies raised will go directly to ARISE - Film & Music Benefit through Mental Health Kokua Changing the world , one song at a time by Jamie Gallo

'til there's no more room up there… by John Philpin

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Here’s a test for the non-Uk folks. WITHOUT USING GOOGLE (or other search engines): Who’s the harmonica player and what’s he most famous for? And for the UK people: Which one is ex-Allman Brothers band? by Ian Shellard

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand | Design | WIRED (via instapaper)