Thank you Vince for the memory! But hey…did I film this? I’m sure it was taken from my seat! Ah, what a wonderful night that was. Still can’t believe that I made it at last to see them. Terrible recording, but it was just AMAZING to be there!…. by Rosalind Anne Smith

Chilling by Michelle D Harris

cos I like winding you lot up …….. love this LOVE!!!!! k by Michelle D Harris

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to play this to every person you encounter? by Jason Ramsey

Just some personal faves that you might enjoy … starting with the inimitable Stephen Wilson and The Tree by John Philpin Played bass for this today with school jazz band at Easter school assembly but love this version of Miles’ by Tony Philpin

John Philpin looked at the Strat rebuild and said “what does it sound like?”. After trying to record playing along with a “Magic Garageband” backing, I found I’d got 2 minutes of me tuning up but no actual tune. So here’s 73 seconds of frustration. by Ian Shellard

as the professor said : it never grows old - but WOW - what 30 years or more can do to a man by John Philpin This moved me - had to share xx Not sent from my Ipad by Rachel Hartley-Sharpe

Hey Fool Fans - how’s this one?…… by Ian Shellard